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Rhonda and Neil T. ~ The Annex, Toronto


We made two great decisions recently… One was to move. The other was using Sandie Orlando from OrganizedMoves to make it happen.

We have lived in our beautiful family home for 27 years, raised our children there and managed to keep hidden within its walls more physical memories, mementos, and “chatchkes” than I had ever imagined, having lost track of endless things tucked away from sight for years. When it came time to start packing up – the thought was completely daunting and I likely would have been overcome by paralysis for lack of knowing how to begin. Enter… OrganizedMoves.

Their coach Sandie, started with a meeting where we discussed our needs and expectations. She then offered a comprehensive plan with full calendar of tasks that created accountability for whenever I fell off track. She was always right there, suggesting how to best accomplish any task and offering support (physically and emotionally) whenever I needed a push. Her crew was custom chosen to suit our specific needs – and together they made up the “Moving Dream Team”. She had someone who could take down and carefully pack the most precious chandelier as well as someone hulk enough to organize the most awkward stuff in the garage and shed and heave the heaviest items into the disposal bin OrganizedMoves had ordered to show up in our driveway. All faces were friendly, smiling, and eager to be helpful at every step along the way. Sandie also made life easier by offering us references for movers to interview as well as companies that could run contents sales for what remained.

When move day came, we were mostly ready by days ahead of time. The movers said while this was a larger move than many, they had rarely had a move go so efficiently and come off without a hitch. When I questioned why, they said all the preparation had be done as well as they had ever seen. Each box was labeled, secured and ready to load straight onto the truck. The off loading was made simple by OrganizedMoves’ impressive labeling system (the contents of each box clearly marked, and packed so well that virtually nothing was lost).

All that being great…. the pièce de résistance was the help received on the other end. While this required a few extra bucks from our budget… all I can say is it was well worth it! After being in our new home for only 48 hours, at least 80% of the boxes had been unloaded, with much of the packing out of sight or hauled away.

I can’t say moving is an easy thing. There is much that goes into it… physically, emotionally, economically and pragmatically. However, if you want to manage the move as painlessly as possible, let Organized Moves arrange it all!! I am thrilled with having found this new and evolving company and have no doubt that this small company will grow to be a huge success as others discover what I have – using the best help when the “to-do” list is endless, makes all the difference!!

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We offer flexible service packages that make sense for the life cycle of your move project.

It takes a lot of work to pack things up and get set up again, but it doesn’t necessarily happen over the course of a few days. The process of selling your home and moving can take months – with bursts of work followed by lots of waiting, while you live in limbo.

We’re here to help you make that process efficient and stress-free. As your Coach – to guide you through your work plan. As Project Managers, to take the load off your shoulders. And with a Service Team, who can get hands-on, so you don’t have to.

Take The Stress Out of Your Move

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Where you’re going and how to get there with a move assessment, customized task list & timeline, plus more.


Showing you how to get there with tips, tricks & smart scheduling.


Taking the lead with state-of-the-art software, processes and expertise to get your team through their tasks on time.


Professional decluttering, organizing, packing, & unpacking.