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Written by Sandie Orlando

What To Do When Your Inspiration Fizzles on Your Spring Organizing Project

Ah, spring! As we take a deep breath and appreciate all that comes with it, we also look around our homes and realize it’s time to do some clearing. That inspiration can last as long as doing some dusting and window cleaning, increase to organizing your closet, or completely ramp up to a full scale ‘let’s renovate…or move’ initiative.

Completing the tasks relates directly to how much time and energy we have before the inspiration fizzles, and the level of commitment required. The dust will always come back, so no big deal. But committing to a renovation or move requires maintaining that motivation and working towards a completion date that might not even be fixed for several months. That takes more than inspiration – it takes stamina!

Getting help to keep the momentum going seems like an obvious solution, but this is often where the wheels fall off the cart – for a number of reasons, not the least of which is pride.

Opening up your closets and drawers to an outside party can feel embarrassing for many people because these are very personal spaces. Family and friends may seem like a safe option, but will they be able to keep their commentary to themselves? The bottom line is, nobody wants to feel judged for how they live, and a look or remark may not have the desired effect, regardless of how kindly it was intended.

The other common challenge is decision fatigue. It can be exhausting to make a decision about what to do with each and every item in your home, especially when they trigger memories or unexpected emotions. This is another situation where having help from someone who can’t remain unbiased can slow things down or completely derail the process, especially if they share the same triggers. Instead of getting the china cabinet sorted and packed, you may both be sitting on the floor having a virtual family reunion or sob fest. That can be cathartic, if you have time for it. If not, perhaps you need a different solution.

It’s helpful to know that trained professional organizers are just that…trained to be professional at organizing.  Getting intimate with your drawers is part of what we do. And, like a doctor, we’ve seen lots before – and lots worse than yours – so it’s not about to phase us. In fact, we actually like the challenge of taking on that mess, because we’re compelled by a need to organize people, spaces and things. Our bias is to help clients get the work done with compassion, but without judgement.

Sometimes, we just need help from someone who sees and thinks differently to keep the project moving.

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