move plan takes the stress out of moving
Written by Sandie Orlando

Five Mistakes to Avoid When Moving To Save Stress

Most of our clients are anxious to get things going right away, once the decision has been made to sell their home and move to another one. They recognize that a substantial amount of work lies ahead, and the best way to deal with it is to start ‘doing’.

We advocate for taking a moment first to think things through, and then making a plan.

Here’s why:

  1. If you don’t know where you’re going, you will probably end up somewhere else.”(Laurence J. Peter) Without taking this too literally – you’re unlikely to move into the wrong home – it refers to getting the work done. It’s easy to begin in one room and find yourself working in another, and getting very little accomplished between the two. A plan will help keep you focused.
  2. Break down the work into manageable pieces. In the beginning, all you can see is everything that needs to be done. And it feels like a lot! By breaking it down, you can deal with one task at a time, and check them off your list as you go.
  3. Avoid putting the cart before the horse, and having to do things twice. Starting to pack up boxes before clearing space to put them, and blocking an area that requires decluttering means you’ll be moving those boxes around a few times unnecessarily.
  4. Pack for unpacking. Where will the items be placed in your new home? If your new home doesn’t have storage space in the kitchen for the infrequently used appliances and overflow consumables, don’t label that box “Kitchen”. Label it for where it should land when taken into your new home. You don’t need extra boxes taking up working space while you unpack that will have to be moved to the basement later.
  5. Timing is everything. Start too soon and you’ll inevitably be going back into some of those boxes looking for something that you still need. Start too late and you invite Murphy’s Law to the party. Running out of packing supplies as the trucks are pulling up, and you still have half the kitchen to pack up will mean extra charges for the movers to help you deal with it, or losing some of your dishware by throwing it into a laundry basket without wrapping, and hoping for the best.

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