ListingEdge™ Advantage

OrganizedMoves fills a service gap in the residential real estate market with our MovePlan™, Move Coaching & Move Services to help homeowners navigate the complex process of managing the work and the people involved in moving - with less stress and more confidence (and more living!)

With ListingEdge™ move support services, Realtors™ have a unique opportunity to offer homeowners a special service that really demonstrates an understanding of their clients’ needs. That results in more listings, more referrals and higher appreciation for the value they deliver to clients (and the commissions they earn).

*Limited spots available. Full time real estate agents only are selected; regional limitations and conditions apply.

This is an example of a personalized postcard avatar developed for one of our real estate friends.

*For ListingEdge real estate agents only with a minimum of one Option #3 commitment.

This Personalized Storyboard Packs An Effective 1-2-3 Punch

One – it invites connection on a personal level

Two – it leverages the agent’s deep experience profile, and

Three – it delivers an “I’m in your community” message to win seller’s confidence

Differentiated service by making a stressful event less stressful through a premium OrganizedMoves package.

Real Estate Agent Lucy Wins With ListingEdge!

Lucy Helps Bob & Anna!